Looking for a NJ Church? Looking to find a refreshing Contemporary Christian NJ Church that’s real and relevant for your needs? Whether you’re a single parent, college student or married with kids, we know that finding a good church in New Jersey (NJ) can be as difficult and wearisome a journey as negotiating NJ Route 1 or Route 18 at rush hour.

Well no need to stress here because ROC is a a new NJ church geared toward a new generation of parched people thirsting for more meaning in life and a deeper relationship with God.

You see, this New Jersey church is an extension of our worldwide online Christian singles outreach and exists for those who have never attended church, are disappointed by the established church or have given up on church and religion altogether. Does any of the above describe you? Congratulations and have a seat. You’ll fit right in here!

At this New Jersey church we won’t be talkin’ about religion that brings on false guilt trips, but rather a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Also at this NJ church you will discover that it’s people that we care about and not their pocketbooks.

Looking for a NJ Church Home?

At ROC in NJ you’ll enjoy:

  • Awesome contemporary Christian music
  • Practical and encouraging Bible teaching in a multimedia format
  • Meeting friendly people in a laid back, fun atmosphere
  • Safe and enjoyable programs for kids and teens

All of this for positive and victorious living in the real world we call New Jersey.

The bottom line is EVERYONE is welcome at ROC. Never darkened the door of a church? You’ll feel right at home here and lightning won’t strike you dead. We promise! Coming back after straying for a while? We welcome you with open arms. Overall, whether you are exploring Christianity for the first time or just tired or turned off by “church as usual”, ROCin NJ is here to encourage you in your spiritual journey with Jesus.


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