Union Churches-NJ-Union Church Websites

Union Churches-NJ-Union Church Websites

Are you on a church search for NJ Union Churches. With over 50,000 people in this Union County town, with Route 22 slicing through it, it won’t be hard to find a good New Jersey Union Church. Whether you’re looking for an interdenominational church, Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, CM&A (you get the point),  there are plenty to choose from here.

Below we listed the top Union area churches that appear in the Google search engines. If you don’t seem to like any of these, you can always check out  our Oasis Church, a new and upcoming contemporaryCentral NJ church located less than 10 minutes from Union.

NJ Union Churches-The Top 5 in Google

Union NJ Church: Crossroads Christian Fellowship
Contact: www.ccfou.org – (908) 687-9440

Union NJ Church: Townley Presbyterian Church
Contact: www.townleychurch.org – (908) 686-1028

Union NJ Church: Grace Lutheran Church
Contact: www.gracelutherannj.org – (908) 686-3965

Union NJ Church: Faith United Church of Christ
Contact: www.faithuccunion.org – (908) 688-4333

Union NJ Church: Hallelujah Christian Church
Contact: www.hcf-ihop.org – (908) 686-3595

If you are a NJ Union Church, and would like your church or Union place of worship listed, please just let us know.

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