'Scotch Plains Church for Kids' Tagged Posts

'Scotch Plains Church for Kids' Tagged Posts

Oasis Kids Sunday School

At Oasis Kids, parents will be delighted to find a safe, fun and spiritually rewarding environment for nursery and school age children up to grade 5. All of our teachers are qualified, screened volunteers. Not only will we provide your kids Bible group lessons in an exciting and easy to learn multi-media format, but also cool games, crafts and music that are age appropriate. Much, but not all of our resource material is drawn from Dig-In, which¬† is Christ-Centered. and…

Oasis Church Video Sitemap

Oasis is a NJ contemporary church with great kids programs, an awesome teen youth group, great contemporary Christian music, Connect Groups to connect in during the week and relevant, biblical messages. The following is a sampling of some of our video messages. You can find our podcasts here or on Itunes. Come check us out this Sunday! Oasis-Church-NJ.com

Scotch Plains Churches-Find a Scotch Plains Church

Scotch Plains churches or a particular Scotch Plains Church anyone? If you are looking for Scotch Plains churches, or one particular Scotch Plains church besides Oasis-Church-NJ.com (which is in the Scotch Plains area and only 5 minutes from Scotch Plains and Fanwood), here is a list of some other Scotch Plains churches we have provided for your Scotch Plains NJ church search. Just so you know Oasis is a contemporary Scotch Plains area church that functions like a non-denominational church.…