'Mountainside church' Tagged Posts

'Mountainside church' Tagged Posts

God Can-Week 1

God Can! Our God is in the business of taking ruined lives, and turning them into something wonderful. In this week’s Mountainside church  podcast at Oasis, Pastor Dave uses the story of Nehemiah to discuss how God can us a heart break to build you back better than before. Mountainside Church-Oasis-Church-NJ.com Oasis is a contemporary Mountainside area  NJ Church Oasis-Church-NJ Home

Oasis-Church-NJ.com Launches

Oasis-Church-NJ.com officially launched as a brand new  NJ church on 9/19/10, with over 200 people in attendance! In Spring 2009, 5 ordinary people gathered around a dining room table with a vision to reach  spiritually hurting and hungry people with Jesus’ love.  God is in the business of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and we thank Him for the privilege of taking us on this exciting ride. The following  are some video highlights of what occurred. If you …

Mountainside Church-Our First Outreach

Well our Oasis Church Launch Team has been using a Mountainside church as it’s base of operation for the past 5 weeks now, and tomorrow (March 22) will be our first sustained outreach  assault on Union County. Tomorrow we are sponsoring the Alpha Course at 5PM, We are a tiny group of 8, but we have big plans for a huge turnout. How many unchurched people are we expecting to attract? Let’s just put it this way: My wife cooked…

Oasis Church in Union County Update

Our Oasis Church Planting Team rocks! It’s as simple as that. The commitment level of these people, some of whom are not even Christ followers at this time, utterly amazes me. Believe me, it’s not easy planting a church from scratch in NJ. As one other church planter from the South bemoaned to me recently, “This ain’t Christian Wonderland like it is in the Bible Belt.”  Hello? This is freakin’ New Jersey, okay? In all honesty, there have been several…

Oasis-Mountainside Church in Union County-NJ

Well, it’s official. Oasis-Church-NJ.com began as a Mountainside  contemporary church with a vision to reach all of Union County and the world. Why not right? NOTE: AS OF FEBRUARY 16, 2014, OASIS-UNION COUNTY RE-LAINCHED AT THE GRAN CENTURIONS, 440 MADISON HILL RD IN CLARK. SUNDAYS 11AM.   OASIS ALREADY MEETS SUNDAYS 10AM AT THE REGAL CINEMAS HADLEY THEATER  at 1000 Corporate Ct IN SOUTH PLAINFIELD More on Oasis Church in New Jersey: Return to Oasis Church Home