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Star 99.1 Contemporary Radio Church-Oasis-Church-NJ.com

Star 99.1 (WAWZ) is a contemporary Christian radio station in the New York (NY) area that has been a blessing to many seeking uplifting ¬†contemporary Christian music during the day. Star 99.1 plays music from Hillsong United, and some of the same stuff Oasis plays. Oasis is a NJ church that plays a lot of Hillsong music. The only difference between Star 99.1 and Oasis is that our contemporary Christian rock band plays with a little more “edge”. Nevertheless, Star 99.1 in Zarephath is tops in our book, and has encouraged us throughout the ¬†years. Continue the good work Star 99.1.

Star 99.1 Contemporary Christian Music & Oasis

For a sample of the kind of Contemporary Christian music we worship with at Oasis watch this short snippet:

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