For those interested in becoming a part of the local church family at Oasis, and all the exciting stuff going on around here, we have an enjoyable ownership process, but we don’t make it mandatory. However, we do encourage and require active participation from all those who desire to call Oasis their church home. We use the word ownership rather than  membership because membership implies rights, but ownership implies responsibility. As part of God’s family we are all responsible for caring for each other, and carrying out the Great Commission that Jesus gave us.

At Oasis, we’ve made it easy and fun to become involved by emphasizing what we call our Core Values. These measurable Core Values, or 4Cs as we call them, will guide us as we seek to fulfill our vision to“compassionately introduce Jesus and His love to tens of thousands of hungry and hurting people here and all around the world.”

COMMUNICATE: God cares about lost people and wants them found, so it’s expected of our regular attendees to be actively involved in learning to know Jesus better by learning the Scriptures, praying, and then inviting those who are far from God to one of our Connect Groups or Sunday Morning Worship Experiences.  This means that they will seek out and develop friendships with people who need Jesus Christ, and share His love through word and deed to them.  The cool thing is that Oasis Church will team up with you by creating real and engaging worship experiences where new people will feel comfortable and the gospel message will be clearly  and Biblically presented.

CONNECT: An important aspect of Oasis is connecting in community with others and “doing life” together. Joining an Oasis Connect Group is a great way to meet friends, get support and grow spiritually all at the same time. We expect that everyone who wants to be part of Oasis Church will join a small group that meets regularly for Accountability, Belonging, and Care.

CONTRIBUTE: The good news is that everybody has a gift or two that can be used for the Lord’s glory and for helping others get closer to Him . At Oasis, we will create opportunities for you to develop your gifts through volunteering in Service Teams. Every volunteer role such as being a greeter, hosting a Connect Group, helping out with the kids or playing in the worship band is as important as any other in the entire church.

CELEBRATE: Celebrating reflects our commitment to gather together and celebrate what God is doing in our lives and in the church. At Oasis our celebration service takes place Sunday mornings as we gather for a great worship experience around a Big Idea for the week, part of a series on a larger theme or topic.
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