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Oasis Church Views on the Gay issue

Many people have been asking me what I think of the gay rights Supreme Court ruling yesterday. Why are they asking me? I feel like I’m the biggest sinner of all, but Jesus just happened to have mercy on my sorry butt. How I became a pastor beats the heck out of me. Secondly, I’m not politically correct, so my views will probably “piss off” both far right Republicans and far left Democrats. Oh well, deal with it. smile emoticon

At https://oasis-church-nj.com, we are not trying to win a popularity contest in order to get the most people in the seats. There are plenty of other churches like that if you are looking for one that will agree with every issue you do. Here, we simply and humbly try to teach the Word of God, The Bible, and let the chips fall where they may.

I’m not a politician, but a church planter/pastor who has been given the awesome privilege of compassionately sharing Jesus and His love with hurting, lost, poor and broken sinners. My job is not to judge sinners, but to point them to the Lord Jesus Christ, so they can come back home. Gay or Straight or Transgendered, we all need to come home to Jesus. Once a person surrenders to Him, He will tell them what to do and how to live. Jesus, who is our ONLY judge, suffered for OUR sins . when He was scorned, rejected, beaten half to death and left to die alone on a cross.

At Oasis, we have a saying:”No Perfect People Allowed.” That means where ever you are in your life, not matter what you have done, you ARE welcome here. You are safe here. Your are loved here. You are told the truth here, even if it may be painful. You can belong before you believe.

Jesus was not fixated on the gay issue but the sin issue. My heart beliefs on this controversy are expressed perfectly here:



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