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Oasis Church Update on

Oasis ChurchSome people new to our Oasis Church plant wondered about the name. Oasis Church? Why Oasis Church? Quite simply, we chose “Oasis Church” because our vision is to compassionately introduce Jesus and His love to tens of thousands of hungry and hurting singles and young families all around the world.

Over the past few weeks, folks have mistaken Oasis Church for a nightclub, water softener company and restaurant. That’s all cool I guess, but in order to clear up any misconceptions about what is and isn’t, we offer the following:

Oasis Church Meaning

According to the dictionary, an Oasis is a refuge or fertile, green spot in a desert wasteland. Hurting and hungry people who feel burned by the world and past church experiences need a spiritual Oasis, and we at Oasis Church intend to provide it for them.

Although Oasis Church is not rich by worldly standards, and we are not many with only 5 people (yet!), our goals are lofty because we serve a lofty God.  Do I need to remind you what Jesus did with a mere five barley loaves and two fish? Case closed.

By the way, how to you like our new logo for Oasis Church T-shirts, Oasis Church letterhead and any other kind of Oasis Church paraphernalia we can put it on?

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