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Oasis Church in Union County Update

Our Oasis Church Planting Team rocks! It’s as simple as that. The commitment level of these people, some of whom are not even Christ followers at this time, utterly amazes me. Believe me, it’s not easy planting a church from scratch in NJ. As one other church planter from the South bemoaned to me recently, “This ain’t Christian Wonderland like it is in the Bible Belt.”  Hello? This is freakin’ New Jersey, okay?

In all honesty, there have been several times in the past few weeks that I have felt like giving up. My faith has been battered and tried. But last Sunday was a turning point. Last Sunday we were out in the bitter cold handing out flower seeds and information about our up and coming Alpha course to passersby in the highways and byways of Mountainside, Scotch Plains, Union, Westfield, and Watchung. I wanted to stop after an hour. Not them. They wanted to keep going, and going and going, just like that bunny battery dude. That’s when I knew this tiny Oasis TEAM was something special and that God is about to do some amazing things.

Hey, I’m not stupid enough to think it has anything to do with me. It doesn’t. However, it has ALL to do with faith and the power of vision. Our vision is simple: We will compassionately share Jesus with hungry and hurting people here in Union County New Jersey, and all around world. The fact that this little TEAM is naive enough to actually believe we can pull this off with God’s power is the reason we are about to turn this place upside down for Jesus. Stay tuned.

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