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nondenominational-church-njLooking for a NJ nondenominational Christian church? At Oasis we operate as a non-denominational NJ church in central New Jersey, but are proud to be part of the Christian Missionary Alliance. Yet, there are apparently many folks out there that are a “little” confused as to what makes up non-denominational church beliefs. Today I spoke with a nice Roman Catholic woman who thought a non-denominational church taught something a akin to agnosticism! A day before that I had a delightful conversation with an Orthodox Jew who was sure that non-denominational churches espouse universalism and anti-semitism. Man! I think a little clarification is in order, don’t you?

NJ Non-Denominational Church Definition

Basically a non-denominational church is an autonomous congregation that does not officially align itself with any denomination like Methodists, Baptists or Lutherans, for example, but may in fact have similar beliefs to those sects. Conversely, there are also many non-denominational churches which hold completely independent and unique beliefs from any other sect.

As far as Oasis Church is concerned, we are an evangelical NJ church that boldly confesses our belief in the Nicene Creed, which is the most widely accepted and used statement of the Christian Faith. By the way, this happens to be the same document I had to memorize in Sister Margarita’s class when I attended attended Catholic School back in the day of pull off ties.

Therefore, Oasis Church is a NJ nondenominational church that holds onto to traditional Christian beliefs, but chooses to express them in a contemporary, culturally relevant way. We meet in two locations.: Sundays 11am at  The Gran Centurions at 440 Madison Hill Rd in Clark, and Sundays 10am monthly at the Regal Hadley Cinema in South Plainfield

So if you are seeking for a newly forming church of imperfect but real people where the music rocks, casual rules and the message hits you right where you’re “at”, well I suppose we’re the non-denominational church in NJ you’ve been lookin’ for. Click here for our times and services.

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