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NJ Meaning of Life Message Series at Oasis Church

NJ Meaning of Life Course

Searching for greater peace and meaning with God, family and the world around you? Join us at Oasis Church Sundays, 11:30am at 1171 Terrill Rd in Scotch Plains for ONE80. This message series, based on the NT book of Romans, is an awesome new series that takes us back to the basics of the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith. Along the way you will find answers to such questions such as:

  •  “Who is God?”
  • “Why did Jesus Die?”
  • “How Can I Be Forgiven?”
  • “Why Does God Allow Suffering?”
  • “What Happens When I Die?”
  • “”What about the Church?”
  • “How Can I Find More Meaning in Life?”
  • “How Can I Have More Meaningful Relationships?”

According to David Butler, Lead Pastor at Oasis Church, “the ONE80  message series is an opportunity to explore  the meaning of life, and make a ONE80 turn to get a fresh start. The message series is for everyone, including those seeking to learn more about Christianity, as well as those just wanting a refresher on the basic Christian beliefs found in the Bible.

For more information call 732-406-7821 or visit www.Oasis-Church-NJ.com,

Oasis is a contemporary, multi-cultural church with locations in Scotch Plains and Rutgers University in New Brunswick. It’s a fun and safe place to  learn about God, share fears, meet new friends and ask questions without being judged.  Each week attendees will enjoy worship with our bands, hear a biblical but relevant message for everyday life. Fun and safe kids Sunday school programs are also offered.



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