Married? Wanna Get Married? New Series @ Oasis 3/25/12

NJ Marriage SeminarWhether you are married, single or divorced, this four week series on what makes for a satisfying, Godly marriage will be applicable to you.

NJ Marriage Seminar

Have you gone through a divorce and desire healing and a lasting marriage? Are you single and dating and looking to be married? Are you engaged and looking for some practical pre-marital counseling? Do you desire and awesome marriage? This NJ 4 week marital seminar  message series will guide you through biblical principals to help you discover what it takes to have a Godly marriage. This teaching series will encourage and motivate you to get out of your comfort zones and do what it takes to make your marriage (or future marraige) what God designed them to be. So come on out and invite friends you know will benefit.

Oasis is a new contemporary Christian church .

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