NJ Bridgewater Churches-Find a Bridgewater Church

Looking for a good Bridgewater, NJ church to attend? We have a number of New Jersey Bridgewater churches listed below in our NJ church director, so don’t sweat it.. Of course,
if you’re willing to travel 10 minutes or so, we’d love to have you at Oasis Church, where I’m sure you will be blessed.

If you have a NJ Bridgewater church (Finderne, NJ, which is technically a part of Bridgewater) you would like listed, just let us know, ok?

Bridgewater NJ Churches

Bridgewater, NJ Church: Bridgewater United Methodist Church
Contact: www.bridgewaterumc.org – (908) 526-1414

Bridgewater, NJ Church: Bridgewater Church of Christ
Contact: www.grcofc.com – (908) 722-8555

Bridgewater, NJ Church: Evangel Assemblies of God Church
Contact: EvangelChapel.com; 908-725-7777

Bridgewater, NJ Church: North Branch Reformed Church
Contact: www.nbrc.com – (908) 725-2313

If you can’t find a  NJ Bridgewater Church you like, and Oasis does not your fancy, you may find a church in the following towns around Bridgewater NJ: Somerville, Raritan, Bedminster, Manville, Piscataway, Greenbrook.

Other NJ Churches:

Woodbridge Churches



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