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Okay, let’s get one thing straight: Oasis-Church-NJ.com is a NJ Bible believing church that  holds a high view of the Bible as both inspired by God and inerrant. By inspired, which literally means “God breathed”, we understand that God directed men to write down the exact words he wanted them to convey to the world, and that they contain all the knowledge necessary for salvation and a close relationship with God. By inerrant we mean that the Bible is perfect and without any error in its orignal translation.

Bible Believing Church Teaching Premise

We believe God is a relational being who wants us to be in a close relationship with Him. We also  believe primary way He chose to reveal Himself was through the awesome, timeless propositional truths as found in the Bible. Yeah, we actually believe in all those crazy miracles in the Bible like the parting of the Red Sea, Jonah spending time in the belly of a great sea creature and Jesus literally rising from the dead. And while we don’t deny that God reveals Himself   through other means such as dreams, visions  angelic visitations, etc., we hold that the veracity of every experience, no matter how amazing, must be tested and tried through the lens of Scripture.

Therefore, as a Bible  believing church, we feel the best way to convey God’s will for folks is to  engage their culture by teaching them them Bible in relevant ways that they can understand. Our Sunday morning worship experiences center around one big idea, while Oasis Connect Groups center around a safe place for digging deeper in Scripture, and  making close realtionships with others.  Makes sense?

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