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NJ 911 Anniversary Memorial Church Services-Oasis-Church-NJ

nj 911 church serviceLooking for a 911 memorial/anniversary church services in Union County, New Jersey? September 11 ten (10) anniversary NJ worship service?, a new NJ Christian church, warmly invites you and the entire community to its special worship experience remembering 911. The service will be hope filled & upbeat and focused on the impact 911 has had on our community, and how we can make a difference. For more information or directions contact Lead Pastor David Butler at 732-406-7821.

At Oasis, we believe Church should not be about a physical building, but about relationships with God and others, and doing good in the community around where one lives. Oasis is an imperfect church for imperfect people looking to find God and more meaning and purpose in life. In this age of terrorism and uncertainty, people need to know, and be reminded that there is hope for them and their children. At Oasis you can learn about Jesus at your own pace, and you will find our worship experiences informal, warm and relevant to your everyday needs. Hope to see you soon.

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