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New Brunswick Churches-Find a New Brunswick Church

New Brunswick Church search anyone. If you are looking to find New Brunswick churches to attend, Oasis Church (that’s us!) is a great New Brunswick area church you may like. However, there are also a great number of New Brunswick Churches reflecting the history and cultural diversity of the city. Home of Rutgers University, there are a number of good New Brunswick churches in the area of George Street, College Avenue and Easton Avenue that would be of interest to Rutgers Students looking for a New Brunswick Church.

New Brunswick Churches Around Rutgers College

Whether you are a Busch College, Cook College, Douglass College or Livingston Campus college student, we would love to have you as our guest at Oasis Church. We are an affiliated church of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, and are a Bible based, contemporary Christian church with a focus on singles and young families. Also, if you’re looking for some great fellowship and free food, this is the place to worship, fellowship and hang out.

Notwithstanding the above, there are a number of other awesome churches in New Brunswick in addition to ours. Here are some top listed New Brunswick churches.

Top Listed 5 New Brunswick Churches in Google

New Brunswick Church:The United Methodist Church at New Brunswick
Contact: – (732)-545-8975

New Brunswick Church: Emanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church

New Brunswick Church: Christ Church New Brunswick
Contact: (732)-545-6262

New Brunswick, NJ Church: First Reformed Church
Contact: (732)-545-1005

New Brunswick Church: Abundant Life Worship Center

Of course, there are plenty more New Brunswick Churches than noted above. Do you attend a New Brunswick Church (ie: Roman catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Calvary Chapel, CMA, Presbyterian, Lutheran, etc) that you would like listed on our site? Just let us know, and we will be glad to list your NJ church within 24 hours.

Other Than New Brunswick Churches:

North Brunswick Churches
East Brunswick Churches
South Brunswick Churches

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