Oasis-Union: Saturdays 5:30PM
Oasis Clark: Sundays 10AM & !2 Noon

Vision and Mission

Oasis Church is dedicated to the vision that  we will serve Jesus by “compassionately introducing Him  and His love to hungry and hurting people here and all around the world.” That’s it. That’s all we’re about.

In order to realize our vision we have a simple Mission Statement that serves as the DNA for every ministry, outreach and small group of our church. Our Mission for God’s glory is grounded in the Great Commission and boils down to 3 little words Go…Grow…Give:

Go bring people to Jesus for membership in His Family…
Grow them up for ministry in the church…
Give them back into the world that they may continue reaching others…

We look upon our mission as a looping process with the end product being healthy and joyful Christians reproducing other healthy Christians and churches.

We will not be afraid to fulfill our mission by trying new stuff to see if it works and move on to something else if it fails. After all, embracing change with audacious faith-filled risk taking is one of our Core Values.

However, while programs and strategies may change, our mission and message will remain the same. That’s a commitment we made to the Lord and to the people to whom we seek to minister.

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