Oasis to Launch New Church Site

Oasis to Launch New Church Site

Keeping in line with our Oasis Mission to GO bring people to Jesus, GROW them up, and GIVE them back to reproduce, our 1 year old church is prayerfully planning to launch a new church site in the Middlesex/Somerset County area in 2013. We are really stoked over the privilege of sharing Jesus’ love with hurting and hungry people here in NJ and all around the world!

Become a Part of our Middlesex County Launch Team!

If you are tired of life as usual, and are interested in using your time, talents and treasure to help make an eternal impact in this otherwise broken and hopeless world? Why not get involved and become a part of the exciting stuff going on around here?  Our newly forming Launch will be meeting in February for the first time for a party and info meeting. For more details just give us a holler at NewSite@Oasis-Church-NJ.com or fill out our contact form here. One of our staff will get right back at you.

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