Kean University-IVCF-Oasis Church NJ for Kean Students

This now in: As part of our Oasis outreach and heart for Kean University students, I am now the new Inter-Varsity-Christian Fellowship (IVCF) Voluntary Staff at Kean this year! Woot! IVCF is not official on campus right now. In order to do this we need to collect 10 Students names and Student IDs so that we can go to Student Activities and get recognized. We need your help! Are you a Kean Student interested in being a part of a new, fun Christian fellowship on Kean campus?  Why, just please fill out the form below, and we’ll  get right back at you.

Kean Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

What is Kean IVCF?  LOL, it’s not a sports club. It is very similar to Kean Campus Crusade for Christ (oh, excuse me, they changed their name to CRU???) and the Navigators.  IVCF is a non-denominational nationwide Christian fellowship of students and faculty seeking to connect with others and learn about Jesus in a laid back setting. At Kean, we will have Bible studies, contemporary Christian worship,  fellowship and support, making new friends and fun!

Kean University Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship & Oasis Church NJ

So what’s the connection with Oasis and Kean IVCF?

Overall, our goal is to start a large Kean IVCF ministry from scratch so that Kean students can experience the life transforming power of Jesus, meet new friends and find the spiritual support they will need to not only survive and thrive in college, but in life as well. Wanna be a part on the ground level of all this exciting stuff?

BTW, if you are a Kean student, faculty member or Kean area resident looking for a new church that’s authentic, relevant and real, without all the religious mumbo-jumbo,  please come check us out. Our services are Sundays 11am at the Gran Centurions at 440 Madison Hill Rd in Clark,, and we’re located just 10 minutes from Kean.

Note to Hungry College students: we ALWAYS have FREE breakfast consisting of Dunkin Donust Bagels, Juice, Fruit, Coffee and other stuff.

Fill out the Kean IVCF Form:


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