How to Know God’s Will- 5.1.11 @ 11AM!

Ever wonder if God has a plan for your life? And if you do, what that plan is? Career. Life Goals. Relationship decisions. How would you know His will?  How much of it is your responsibility? Is it possible to miss His will for your life?

How to Know God’s Will- 5.1.11

If you’ve ever wondered how to know what God’s will is for your life, or maybe even just for the next week, you can gain some insight and find great comfort in our eye-opening series, What’s God’s Will?

Oasis is a 3 year old NJ Inter-Denominational Church, and meets Sundays 11am at  The Gran Centurions at 440 Madison Hill Rd in Clark, and  Sundays 10am “Sharp” at the  Regal Hadley Cinema in South Plainfield Need more info? Call 732-406-7821.


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