Oasis-Union: Saturdays 5:30PM
Oasis Clark: Sundays 10AM & !2 Noon

Oasis Connect Groups |Fall 2021| Sign Up Today

What’s an Oasis connect group you may ask? A connect group is simply a small group or support group where people from all backgrounds can come together in a laid back setting, enjoy each other’s company and learn about God and our refreshing vision for what we desire Oasis to be for our surrounding community.

We have all different types of groups at Oasis whether you prefer a singles group, a marrieds group or mixed group of any age.

We have dozens of groups that meet during the week. Since we are currently practicing SOCIAL DISTANCING, all our groups are currently meeting online.  

join a group by texting “add me” to 908-312-7600

One of our staff will contact you shortly after that to match you with a group or two you will enjoy!

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