Evangelical, Contemporary Churches in NJ

In a previous article, we mentioned that Oasis is an Evangelical NJ church, and one of many  contemporary, evangelical churches in NJ. As a NJ evangelical church we take our doctrinal beliefs  quite seriously. However, when looking  for a NJ Evangelical church, it’s not enough to just look at the church’s website to ensure you are going to a sound church. Therefore, we recommend the following evangelical church search tips in addition to checking out the site.

NJ Evangelical Church Tips

1) Call the pastor  and ask him  to share the vision and mission of the church in his own words

2) Check out the Sunday service to get a feel for the the people, the music, ambience and quality of speaking

3) Pray on your decision and remember choosing an evangelical church should be based not only on what you desire in a church, but in what ways you can use your spiritual gifts to help that local church assembly.

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