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Are you ready for the end of the world? The Mayans and the recent Hollywood movie “2012” have put the apocalypse in the popular mind. Will it be 2012? What happens when it all comes unraveled? When nothing will stop the countdown to The Final Day?

Join us at Oasis-Church-NJ.com as we discuss what the Bible says about the end of the world, and how you can survive it.

Oasis is a 3 year old NJ Inter-Denominational Church, and meets Sundays 11am at  The Gran Centurions at 440 Madison Hill Rd in Clark, and  Sundays 10am “Sharp” at the  Regal Hadley Cinema in South Plainfield , where it rents 3 theaters for adults and the kiddos. Need more info? Call 732-406-7821.

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