Christmas Series at Oasis 12/18/11 at 11AM!

clark-nj-churchChristmastime is here, as the Charlie Brown song goes, and that’s why starting on Sunday 12/4/11 at 11am, Oasis Church begins it’s relevant Advent/Christmas message series called “Christmas-Down & Dirty”.

Oasis is a new NJ contemporary Christian church for families (we have great kids programs) and singles located in Central NJ. . For more information or directions contact David Butler at 732-406-7821
It’s especially during the holidays that many of us experience the messiness of life. The high expectations of the season often times gives way to disappointment, loneliness, family conflicts and money worries. But the Bible states that Jesus came into this mess that we might have life, and have it to the full. The whole point of the series is that God loved us so much he sent His Son down to earth to change us, forgive us, to walk us through this sometimes messy experiences of Life. This message series will help people not only experience Christmastime is a more positive way, but also each and every day of the year

Oasis Church operates like a non-denominational, casual church where you will experience contemporary Christian worship music with a live band, a practical, biblical message for everyday living, some food and a laidback environment to meet and enjoy new friends.

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