Single Parents

Single Parents

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Single Parent Families

This may surprise you: There are now more single parent families (30%) in the US than two parent family households (24%). Yet, most churches continue to give a backseat to single parent families as the traditional nuclear family remains the primary ministry focus. This remains true even in NJ where single parent families (families run by single parents) have increased more than four times as fast as married-couple families since 2000. According to our extensive online survey of singles and…

Parenthood Week 4: Communication in Healthy Relationships

God created mankind as relational beings, and that is why communication plays a huge role in fostering intimacy between people. A block in communication damages our intimacy not only with God, but our parents, children, dating or marriage partners. Improving Your Communication Skills In today’s Christian podcast, Lead Pastor Dave Butler shares the top 4 Bible based communication tips to help encourage healthy relationships. More About this NJ Church:   Oasis Church Home

How to Keep Open Lines of Communication in Relationships-8/7/11 at 11am

Parenting is a tough job.  But being a parent  in NJ is even tougher. So whether you have children or they’re just a twinkle in your eye at this point, you don’t want to miss “ParentHood”,  a 4 week Parenting Seminar  Series at Pastor Dave Butler, one of the speakers in this parenting series at Oasis, is a NJ certified parenting education teacher and did family mediating for a number of years over  a 26 year span of experience…

Singles Seminar @ Oasis on 10/24/09 @ 7:30 PM is proud to co-sponsor this exciting Singles Seminar with New Jersey Christian Connections, one of the largest Christian singles groups of its kind in the state! Don’t expect this to be just another boring seminar. No! Taking place in our laid-back coffeehouse setting, attendees are in for a treat without the tricks! Enjoy food, mingle with other singles, listen to music from our live Christian band and laugh and learn as you hear several of our speakers share on…

Disappointing Relationships & Letdowns-Explore @ Oasis on 10/11/09 @ 5PM

Have you ever felt let down by other people in your relationships with them or by God? Do you ever wonder why people always seem to disappoint you, or why they never measure up to your expectations? What about God? If God is so good, why does He let bad things happen to good people? Where is God when you need Him? There are Biblical answers to these questions, and we will explore those in the series, Letdown.