North Brunswick Contemporary Church

North Brunswick Contemporary Church

Making Room for Love-Week 4-Loving Yourself

In this week’s podcast at Oasis our teaching pastor Vince Gimmelli shares about the necessity of loving yourself the way God sees you, so that you in turn may enjoy better relationships with others. This practical and biblical talk is relevant for those who have problems with loving themselves the way God intended. is a new contemporary Christian church More About this NJ Church:   Oasis Church Home

The Gospel-Week Three

According to Romans 1:16, the gospel is the power of God to save. The word for power in Greek is dunamis, the root of which we get the word for dynamite today. Yes, the Gospel of Jesus has real power, but in order to access this power we must apply it in our lives. Click here for  our archive of our NJ  non-denominational church  videos is a central nj contemporary Christian church located  in two locations: We meet Sundays…

North Brunswick Churches-Find a North Brunswick Church

You want to find North Brunswick churches? Perhaps you’re a single parent looking for a North Brunswick church for you and the kids, or a young married couple new to the North Brunswick, NJ area? Well the good news is that there are a large number of North Brunswick churches that you may wish to consider as you search for a North Brunswick church. Of course, while we would love for you to give Oasis Church a try first, we…