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New NJ Church Service

Oasis Church Sunday Service 8/15/10 @ 11AM-My Imperfect Relationships

All earthly relationships are imperfect.  Marriage relationships. Dating relationships. family relationships. It does not matter which relationship we talk about,  if you’re in one, it’s imperfect. Why? because you’re in it! The issue is not whether you are in an imperfect relationship, but  how do you handle  imperfect relationships with others. Learn How to Deal…

Relationships Series-Next Sunday Morning at OC-1.24.10 at 11AM!

Positive relationships are filled with energy, joy and passion. Unfortunately, many of our relationships are ‘downers’ because of critical and judgmental attitudes.  So help yourself to a cup of “spiritual caffeine” as we explore how Jesus helps us perk up these relationships in our new monthly series called “Espresso Yourself”. In our first monthly installment we are…