New Brunswick NonDenominational Church

New Brunswick NonDenominational Church

Oasis Church 6th Wave Baptism Sign Up

It’s that time again. At Oasis, we refer to baptisms as “Waves”. If you are interested in being baptized at our “6th Wave” Baptism Celebration, please fill out the form below and we will get right back at you. Time & Dates to be announced shortly. What is Baptism? Listen to a message from Pastor Dave Butler at Oasis on why all believers should be baptized.  

The Gospel Week 2 Podcast

The Gospel is God writing Himself into human history in the form of His son Jesus, who took up our sins on the cross so we might be forgiven and live transformed lives. In today’s Christian podcast, David Butler, a pastor at, expounds on Matthew 7:24-27 on why it’s important to apply the words of the Gospel to our lives if we are to enjoy life to the fullest. Click here for  our archive of our NJ  non-denominational church …

New Brunswick Churches-Find a New Brunswick Church

New Brunswick Church search anyone. If you are looking to find New Brunswick churches to attend, Oasis Church (that’s us!) is a great New Brunswick area church you may like. However, there are also a great number of New Brunswick Churches reflecting the history and cultural diversity of the city. Home of Rutgers University, there are a number of good New Brunswick churches in the area of George Street, College Avenue and Easton Avenue that would be of interest to…