Jonah Church Service

In today’s NJ church podcast,  we remembered the ten year anniversary of 911. We also learned that God has outrageous love for hurting and lost people and wants them found. The kicker is He chooses to use the people of His church to reach them. Oasis is a contemporary Central Jersey-North Jersey Church Return to Oasis Church Home  

Oasis 911 Worship Experience-Jonah 4

As Oasis Church remembered the 10 year anniversary of 911, in the continuing series in Jonah, Pastor Dave Butler discussed the comforting fact that that you can never out-distance yourself from the presence of God, no matter what the circumstances. This NJ online church service vid contains snippets of our worship band and the entire message:   Oasis Church NJ Home

Jonah Week 2

In week two of our Jonah series, we find that Jonah attempted to run from God. Our speaker, Mike Zook, shares his personal story of how he ran from God, but how God found him. We also learn that there is a little bit of Jonah in all of us. The relevant, great news in this message for the audience is that one can never run so far away from God that he can’t be reached by His mercy and…

Jonah-Week 1 Video-God’s Outrageous Love

Jonah is more than just a book of the Old Testament. Jonah is a story about a man on the run from God, and the mission God called him to accomplish. Jonah is not only about a wayward prophet or him being swallowed by a whale. In  this week’s Christian podcast, we are also going to learn that  Jonah is about us, and the attitudes we have toward others and God. Oasis is a New Contemporary Christian church that meets…

Jonah 1-God’s Outrageous Love

When people think of the story of Jonah, most often they think of the whale that swallowed him. But as Pastor Dave shares in the introduction to this relevant book, Jonah is not about the whale (dag gadol), but about God’s “outrageous love” for His creation, and His calling on us all to reach lost and hurting people. Oasis is a New Contemporary Christian church that meets Sundays at 10:30AM at Hotel 304 West, Rt 22 W in Springfield. Come check…

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Ok, this is a whale of a story, so join us for this amazingly relevant book series on Jonah, an Old Testament prophet who struggled to understand the plan for his life; as many of us do today. He fled to the other side of the world to escape the hardship he thought he would endure. In this series we will also learn of God’s passionate and compassionate pursuit of wayward people, how He still speaks to us through suffering, disappointment…