Getting Past Your Past

Getting Past Your Past

Learning to Apologize-Week 3

The hardest three words to communicate in the human language is saying “I  am sorry”.  Yet, if you have hurt someone, one of the first steps toward  healing  that broken relationship is learning to apologize with integrity. In this week’s podcast at, we take a look at the biblical way to initiate restoration in broken relationships. J

Learning to Forgive-Week 2

Letting go of past hurts by learning to forgive others is very freeing. In today’s podcast we learn the what, Why’s and how’s of letting go by forgiving the past. JMore About this NJ Church: Oasis Church Home

Breaking the Bondage of the Past-Week 1

Many people live in bondage to their past experiences.  The wonderful news we learn in today’s Oasis podcast is that if we enter into all that God offers us in our relationship with Christ, our failures of the past do not have to dictate what happens in the future. J More About this NJ Church: Oasis Church Home 7.3.11 at 11AM!

It’s hard to live in the present or think about bright hope for the future when you are stuck in the past. Many of us are so burdened with past hurts, shame, guilt or an overwhelming sense of being a failure based on past events. Making Peace with Your Past If you  you still struggle with what happened “back then”, and its hindering your enjoyment of life in the present,  then our  new 4 week series, Getting Past Your  Past, will…