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Casual Christian Church is a new casual Christian church that serves the Central-North Jersey area. By casual Christian church we are not referring to casual Christianity, which George Barna described as a belief system where people want to “feel religious without having to prioritize their faith.” On the contrary, at this casual church we take Jesus and the mission He has given His church universal to reach hurting and hungry people quite seriously. We are a Bible believing church that believes there is no lasting hope, forgiveness or life apart from a personal relationship the Lord Jesus Christ. You can read more about our casual church vision & mission by going here.

Casual Church Meaning

What does a casual Christian church look like? Our casual church is an informal, laid back, friendly place where folks seeking and thirsting for more of God can come in any attire they feel comfortable. Our goal at Oasis is to remove any man-made barrier that would keep a sincere seeker away from a life changing encounter with Jesus.

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