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'NJ Church Podcasts' Tagged Posts

Jonah Week 3

In week three of  our series on Jonah, Teacher Cliff Powers, using Jonah as an example, discusses the fact that no matter where we go in our lives (ie: even the belly of a whale), there is hope, forgiveness and restoration through God. Oasis is a contemporary Christian NJ church. Oasis Church Home

NJ Churches-Oasis Church in New Jersey

Thirsty? Looking to find a refreshing Contemporary Christian NJ Church that’s real and relevant for your needs? Whether you’re a single parent, college student or married with kids, we know that finding a good church in New Jersey (NJ) can be as difficult and wearisome a journey as negotiating NJ Route 22, Route 1 or the Garden State Parkway at rush hour. Well no need to stress here because Oasis Church in NJ is a brand new contemporary church that…

Oasis Church Summer Outreach

(7/21/10)-For those that didn’t know, Oasis-Church-NJ.com has been meeting several times a month in the Summer to network with people in our community letting them know about our newly forming church. We recently took a number of community surveys to get a gauge on what this area’s needs are, and gave out hundreds if granola bars and flyers in the process. I was amazed at the committment level of the several dozen OC folks who came out in nearly 100…

When Waiting on God-Habakkuk 2

Waiting on God when you are in tough straights is real tough, especially when we just don’t understand what God is doing. Have you ever been in a situation like that? Today, as we enter week 2 of our series-When God Does Not Make Sense, Alex Brooks, our great church planting intern, makes it all relevant for those of us wondering how to wait on God as you are going through suffering in your life. More About this NJ Church:…