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12:00 PM|100 College Ave, New Brunswick
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Jonah Week 3

In week three of  our series on Jonah, Teacher Cliff Powers, using Jonah as an example, discusses the fact that no matter where we go in our lives (ie: even the belly of a whale), there is hope, forgiveness and restoration through God. Oasis is a contemporary Christian NJ church. Oasis Church Home Related posts: […]

NJ Churches-Oasis Church in New Jersey

Thirsty? Looking to find a refreshing Contemporary Christian NJ Church that’s real and relevant for your needs? Whether you’re a single parent, college student or married with kids, we know that finding a good church in New Jersey (NJ) can be as difficult and wearisome a journey as negotiating NJ Route 22, Route 1 or […]

Oasis Church Summer Outreach

(7/21/10)-For those that didn’t know, has been meeting several times a month in the Summer to network with people in our community letting them know about our newly forming church. We recently took a number of community surveys to get a gauge on what this area’s needs are, and gave out hundreds if granola […]

When Waiting on God-Habakkuk 2

Waiting on God when you are in tough straights is real tough, especially when we just don’t understand what God is doing. Have you ever been in a situation like that? Today, as we enter week 2 of our series-When God Does Not Make Sense, Alex Brooks, our great church planting intern, makes it all […]