Live Sunday Services in 2 Locations:
10:00AM|2 Denman Ave, Clark
12:00 PM|100 College Ave, New Brunswick
rides available @ 732.406.7821

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GLEE Week 1-Oasis Church Launch-A New Hope celebrated its Grand Opening on 9/19/10, as it kicked off it’s GLEE Series. Glee means unbounded joy. Listen in as Pastor Dave shares from Romans Chapter 8 in God’s Word how to maintain hope in a world that is hopelessly broken. Go here to  see our  NJ church videos.  Oasis meets in two awesome […]

The Gospel-Week Three

According to Romans 1:16, the gospel is the power of God to save. The word for power in Greek is dunamis, the root of which we get the word for dynamite today. Yes, the Gospel of Jesus has real power, but in order to access this power we must apply it in our lives. Click […]

GLEE Week 3-Dealing with Your Past

This is week 3 of our Glee Series, and can you believe this is only our 3rd official service ever! Well, this week we want to tackle how to deal with our past. No one can live a joyful and abundant life in the present if they keep dwelling on the woulda, coulda shoulda of […]

The Power of the Holy Spirit-Ghost Week 2

Many of us go through life without the power that God intended us to have. In this week’s  NJ Church podcast from our series on the Holy Spirit, Pastor Dave discusses the wonderful promise of the Holy Spirit, and how to live by His power for victory everyday. Oasis is a casual, contemporary church serving […]