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Star 99.1 Contemporary Radio

Star 99.1 (WAWZ) is a contemporary Christian radio station in the New York (NY) area that has been a blessing to many seeking uplifting  contemporary Christian music during the day. Star 99.1 plays music from Hillsong United, and some of the same stuff Oasis plays. Oasis is a NJ church that plays a lot of Hillsong music. The only difference between Star 99.1 and Oasis is that our contemporary Christian rock band plays with a little more “edge”. Nevertheless, Star 99.1 in Zarephath is tops in our book, and has encouraged us throughout the  years. Continue the good work Star 99.1.

Star 99.1 Contemporary Christian Music & Oasis

For a sample of the kind of Contemporary Christian music we worship with at Oasis watch this short snippet:

More About this NJ Church:

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