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Oasis Church Launch Team at Liberty

roadtrip_v2 Wow! This past weekend our Oasis Church Launch Team had an amazing time on our road trip to the NEXT Conference located at Liberty Seminary in Lynchburg, VA.  Not only was it wonderful to meet and network with hundreds of church planters from all over the USA, we also received some great training from Hal Mayer and Randy Smith on how to start a healthy and growing church from scratch.

Oasis Church Meets Jehovah Jireh

Our God continues to provide for Oasis Church in miraculous ways.  For example, heading to our second church planting session at Liberty Seminary on Saturday, I took off down a one way street, and got pulled over by the campus police. As the officer rolled his window down, thoughts of Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny came roaring through my mind. A woman passed our vehicle as I was jokingly telling the officer that he should have expected this kind of behavior from a Jersey guy.  When Leni Dittman heard I was a wiseguy from Jersey,  she excitedly ran to our car to let me know that she and her husband, Dr. Leland (Lee) Dittman, director of Liberty Baptist Fellowship, were also from NJ. Coincidence? Yeah, ok.

The end result of the above “by chance” meeting in an empty parking lot was that the LBF is now intending to support our NJ church plant with $1000 in monthly support. God truly confirms and provides in miraculous ways! As Lydia and I brushed back tears from our eyes, we thanked the Lord that I was stupid enough to make a wrong turn. Oh yeah, and I got off without a ticket, too!

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  1. My daughter lives in Northern New Jersey and has a 7 year old boy. She would like to find a cool, contemporary, rock church. Any up there? Thanks Diane

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