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No Perfect People Allowed-Week 3 Podcast-Forgive & Live

Oasis-Church-NJ-Perfect(8.1.10)-Last week we learned about how Jesus cares for hungry and hurting people, even if they are not too lovable. This week at Oasis we talked about imperfect relationships and how to deal with them thru the eyes of Jesus.

Listen in as Pastor Dave of shares two practical steps we can take to deal with imperfect relationships at home, work and life.

BTW for those of you who are not aware, OC is a brand new contemporary, relevant Christian church. We just began meeting weekly on Sundays @ 11am, gearing up for our 9/19/10 Grand Opening. If you don’t already attend a church and you’re looking for more meaning in life, come check us out! You may also be interested to know we also post our podcasts on our Relationships Blog which¬† has gotten over 2 million hits a month since we began the site in 2006.

Oasis Connect Groups Study Guide for Week 3 of No Perfect People Allowed


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