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How to Keep Open Lines of Communication in Relationships-8/7/11 at 11am

nj parenting seminarParenting is a tough job.  But being a parent  in NJ is even tougher. So whether you have children or they’re just a twinkle in your eye at this point, you don’t want to miss “ParentHood”,  a 4 week Parenting Seminar  Series at

Pastor Dave Butler, one of the speakers in this parenting series at Oasis, is a NJ certified parenting education teacher and did family mediating for a number of years over  a 26 year span of experience in public service in Family Court dealing with parents, their kids and the tough issues families face today.

Why Attend This Parenting Series?

We will be discussing  from a biblical viewpoint relevant topics that will include:

  • The top 5 gifts you can give your kids in the 21st Century
  • How to keep warm heart lines of communication open with your kids
  • How to build your kids’ self-confidence and yours as a parent

    So, whether they’re bawling, crawling, walking, talking, driving you crazy or asking to drive your car, kids are a gift from God .  But we could  probably all use some clear guidance and insight on how to raise them to be happy, focused and full of good old common sense, rather than leaving you frustrated, frazzled and fatigued. Hope to see you then.


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One Comment

  1. Danielle Johnson

    I stumbled across your blog for singles and I really felt blessed by two of the articles therein.
    I am a single parent, a divorcee. I read about the ministry you have for single parents and I think it’s wonderful. I currently go to a church that I love, but most of the membership is married. For now, I feel very alone in my singleness and single parent status.
    I know that your ministry for single parents will be a blessing to many and they will grow in Jesus. I live a distance from Oasis, but I would love to visit one day. May souls be saved as you go forward in ministry!

    Thanks. Grace and Peace,
    Danielle Johnson

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