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Mountainside Church-Our First Outreach

Well our Oasis Church Launch Team has been using a Mountainside church as it’s base of operation for the past 5 weeks now, and tomorrow (March 22) will be our first sustained outreach  assault on Union County. Tomorrow we are sponsoring the Alpha Course at 5PM, We are a tiny group of 8, but we have big plans for a huge turnout. How many unchurched people are we expecting to attract? Let’s just put it this way: My wife cooked enough chicken to feed 100 people, so if this Mountainside church outreach thingy blows up in our faces, I’m gonna be forced to eat chicken for the next year. Can somebody pass the honey mustard?

Mountainside Church Alpha Checklist

I’m writing this on Saturday evening, and I’m beat and have nervous expectation.  We’ve done everything we could to make our first outreach a success, and so now I’m just gonna rest in God’s hands. What else can I do?

  • We educated our team on the imporatance of friendship evangelism
  • We attended church planting seminars
  • We trained our small group leaders
  • We practiced Servant evangelism in Mountainside and the surrounding central Jersey towns
  • We distributed tons of flyers
  • We invited friends and family
  • we fasted and prayed

Tomorrow this Mountainside church experiment will either sink or swim. I’m counting on the latter: I can’t stand chicken.

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  1. It is great what you’re doing. I have wanted to visit for some time now. I hope you’re still alive. And wish you all the best.

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