Live Sunday Services in 2 Locations:
10:00AM|2 Denman Ave, Clark
12:00 PM|100 College Ave, New Brunswick
rides available @ 732.406.7821

Mountainside Church

Looking for a new church service in the Mountainside area? Oasis is a Mountainside area church that just started an awesome relevant series to ring in the new year of 2012. The take away from our Mountainside church New Year’s Day service is this: You could either live a life of daring adventure, or live a life of nothing at all.” Which one are you living today? God created us for awesome things, and challenges us to leap out expecting Him to accomplish al that He has promised. The key to our success is living by faith and not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7)

Mountainside Church Podcast:

Oasis meet Sundays in 3 locations.

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