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Simply Christmas-Week 2-He Keeps His Promises

God's PromisesAre you waiting on God for something today? The question is not whether God keeps His promises, but how  we trust Him in the meantime.

Christmas Wrapped in a Promise

Christmas is wrapped around the amazing promise that God would send a redeemer to deliver His people from sin and sorrow and death.  In our church podcast today, we learn some practical steps on how to trust God by taking a look at the amazing story of Zechariah and Elizabeth in Luke 1:5-20.  God  not only remembered them by giving them a child in extreme old age, but used their son (John the Baptist) to call the people back to God by putting their trust in Messiah Jesus!

If you are tired of waiting on God, and need some encouragement along the way, then this is the Christmas message for you.

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