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GLEE Week 6-Purposeful Living or Simply Existing?

(10.24.10)-Many folks walk around day by day simply existing rather than living. In the final week of our GLEE series we talk about the fact that the greatest “glee stealer” in life is having not real and lasting purpose to live. Ever feel like that? In this week’s podcast, we are reminded that purposeful living occurs when we align ourselves with Jesus’ eternal purpose for coming to earth-To seek and save that which was lost. Along the way, Pastor Dave shares how the vision and purpose is tied to Jesus’ mission. just celebrated its 1 month anniversary as a brand and growing new contemporary Christian church in Central New Jersey. Come join us Sundays at 11am at 1180 Spruce Dr. in Mountainside. Foe more info on how to get plugged in at OCĀ  in one of our Connect Groups or Volunteer Service teams go here.

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