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East Brunswick Churches-Find a Good Church in East Brunswick

Looking for a good church in East Brunswick, NJ? Fact is there are a number of good East Brunswick churches, or at least churches in the East Brunswick area that you may like better than the OC. That’s cool! So if you’re looking to find a good East Brunswick church in NJ, may we help you?

Since the body of Jesus in East Brunswick and all of Middlesex County, NJ, is a wonderfully beautiful tapestry of many different churches and Christian denominations*, our goal at Oasis Church is to list the 5 churches or so from each town in Central NJ to help folks find a church that’s right for them. while some churches in the East Brunswick area may think we’re a little nuts to share info about other churches on our website, we consider it a ministry.

East Brunswick Church-The Top 5 Churches

Ok, so this is church a subjective list. If you you would like us to list another East Brunswick church, just give us a holler and we will do so.

East Brunswick Church: East Brunswick Baptist Church

East Brunswick Church: Old Bridge Baptist Church
Contact: (732) 257-7959

East Brunswick Church: Our Saviour Lutheran Church

East Brunswick Church: Light House Christian Fellowship
Contact: (732) 422-7065

East Brunswick Church: Nativity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Add your East Brunswick church, East Brunswick church singles groups or youth group to our Central New Jersey church search by commenting below!

Some East Brunswick (EB) Church Denominations

Calvary Chapel
Free Methodist
Assemblies of God
Southern Baptist
CMA-Christian Missionary Alliance
American Baptist
African Methodist
Church of Christ

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