Live Sunday Services in 2 Locations:
10:00AM|2 Denman Ave, Clark
12:00 PM|100 College Ave, New Brunswick
rides available @ 732.406.7821

Cranford Churches-Church in 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Shopping for Cranford churches? Or new to Cranford, and looking for Cranford area contemporary church worship services? Well we have good news: is new & very close by, only a hop, skip & jump at Oasis-Union County.

Cranford Contemporary Church Services

Oasis is an informal church for young families and singles, with an awesome Christian rock band and relevant, Bible based messages you can apply to everyday life. However, since we realize Oasis is not for everyone, you may want to do a “Cranford NJ churches” search on the web and see what other options there are. Of course, in your search for places of worship near Cranford, we’d love to give our new church family a try 🙂

In addition to servicing Cranford, Oasis Church NJ reaches out to other adjacent towns in Union County including Clark, Garwood, Westfield, Scotch Plains, Roselle, Linden, Rahway, Union, Elizabeth and others.

More about this Cranford Area Church?
Go to our home page at Oasis Church NJ


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