New Relationship Series @ Oasis Church Feb 4

It’s Not Just the Garden State Parkway or RT 22 that Gets Gridlocked! Gridlock can occur in all types of relationships.  Some are deep, some shallow, some good and others bad-all of them have an impact on us-they all play a part in shaping our identity, our happiness, our well being. God’s desire is to recover and restore relationships from what they often are to all they can be. This short 5 week series beginning Feb 4 will introduce you…
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Celebrate Services October 18th @ New 11:30AM Sharp Time! At New Location!

OASIS-UNION COUNTY  IS MOVING FROM THE GRAN CENTURIONS ON 10/18/15 COME CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH OF NEW SERVICES IN OUR GREAT NEW LOCATION @NEW SERVICE TIME OF 11:30AM SHARP! We are stoked to announce that Oasis Church -Union County is moving to our awesome new location at 1171 Terrill Rd in Scotch Plains on October 18. New service times will be 11:30 SHARP! We will have use of this facility, and can do so many more things for our growing ministry…
Non-Denominatinal Online church Service

NJ Church Bringing Racial Solidarity Services to Plainfield

In response to the recent Charleston, SC shootings and the climate of our country regarding racial division, Oasis-Church-NJ.com , a central NJ non-denominational church in 2 locations, warmly invites the community to its “Takin’ IT to the PARK” Big Top Tent Church Service and Picnic Party at Cedar Brook Park in Plainfield on Sunday, July 12th, at 11 a.m. Enter the park from Park Avenue >Park Dr. For more information call 732-406-7821. According to David Butler, lead pastor, “Oasis, a…

UpStream-Challenge the Norm Series at Oasis Church!

We are really stoked about our new series based on the Gospel of Mark. Our new series is c called UpStream-Challenge the Norm, centering on Jesus’ radical, defiant way of going against the social norms of the day to reach the hurting and lost.   Join us the next 10 weeks as we unpack main themes that are sure to relevant for your life. Challenge the Norm by Reading Through Mark We are encouraging everyone  to read the whole Gospel of…

Union County

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Christmas Series at Oasis 12/18/11 at 11AM!

Christmastime is here, as the Charlie Brown song goes, and that’s why starting on Sunday 12/4/11 at 11am, Oasis Church begins it’s relevant Advent/Christmas message series called “Christmas-Down & Dirty”. Oasis is a new NJ contemporary Christian church for families (we have great kids programs) and singles located in Central NJ. . For more information or directions contact David Butler at 732-406-7821 It’s especially during the holidays that many of us experience the messiness of life. The high expectations of…

Contemporary Christian Church-NJ Parenting Series at Oasis

Oasis is a 10 month old Contemporary Christian Church in New Jersey. The following are some snippets from our contemporary Christian church’s most recent Parenting series called Parenthood. If you have any questions regarding Oasis feel free to contact us at 732-406-7821 Oasis Church NJ Home Related posts: NJ Contemporary Christian Music Church Contemporary Christian Church Update Parenting 911-A New Series @ Oasis Church Starting June 22,2014 Parenthood-Disciplining Your Kids-NJ Parenting Series Casual Christian Church

Super Bowl Party Sun 5:30PM @ Oasis Church

Looking for Christian fellowship, fun, food and football? Come join us Sunday 2.6.11 @ 5:30PM for the Oasis Church open house Super Bowl gathering.  Eat to your heart’s delight and come and go as you please.  The location: 1180 Spruce Dr. in Mountainside, NJ Contact:732-406-7821. No related posts.

Oasis First Wave Baptism Celebration Videos

8.22.10–What a day for our new NJ church! Although we do not Grand Open until 9/19/10, this past Sunday Oasis-Church-NJ.com celebrated its “First Wave” baptisms of people who have publicly committed to following Jesus. The following are some of the video clips of the dozen or so Oasis folks who shared their personal stories of how Jesus became real in their lives, and how Oasis had a part in God’s plan. The cool thing is we had 2 spontaneous baptisms…
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