Live Sunday Services in 2 Locations:
10:00AM|2 Denman Ave, Clark
12:00 PM|100 College Ave, New Brunswick
rides available @ 732.406.7821

Oasis Church NJ

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GLEE Week 3-Dealing with Your Past

This is week 3 of our Glee Series, and can you believe this is only our 3rd official service ever! Well, this week we want to tackle how to deal with our past. No one can live a joyful and abundant life in the present if they keep dwelling on the woulda, coulda shoulda of […]

NJ Churches-Oasis Church in New Jersey

Thirsty? Looking to find a refreshing Contemporary Christian NJ Church that’s real and relevant for your needs? Whether you’re a single parent, college student or married with kids, we know that finding a good church in New Jersey (NJ) can be as difficult and wearisome a journey as negotiating NJ Route 22, Route 1 or […]