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Casual, Contemporary Church Update

New Jersey Cassual ChurchFirst of all, I apologize this update has taken so long to write. The only excuse I can give is that God has done so many amazing things in the past few months, that I have had a difficult time keeping up. That’s a great problem to have!

So what has been going on? Well I  retired on 12/31/09, and have been able to devote myself full time to our Oasis church plant! Let me tell ya, when you take a faith filled leap in  a new direction God will honor that!

What We Have Going For Us

  • First of all, we have a ton of  big mo (momentum) and enthusiasm on this no frills, imperfect but amazing TEAM God is growing here!  I LOVE these people! And these guys are actually stupid (or is it smart?) enough to believe God works wonders in ordinary, broken people.  Imagine that!
  • Second, since we last wrote we have had  5 more monthly services, and have approached 200 folks (mostly unchurched) in attendance twice in the process.  We are really not about numbers (we intend to grow deep before we grow large), but as a church plant that has started from squat in Spring 2009,  I’d be totally lying if I said numbers mean nothing.  Hey, you can’t transform people if you don’t have any people.  Duh!  We have a least 10 baptisms to do this Summer, and that number is just gonna grow. Fact is, we have very little money in the kitty for marketing or anything else for that matter.   But we’re hungry and scratch and claw our way and celebrate over every hungry soul that darkens the door of OC, and finds Jesus.  I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way because we have had to totally rely on Jesus instead of our pocketbooks for success.
  • Third,  we just finished another successful Alpha Course that has helped us grow yet another  (our 6th) Connect Group, and now meet in these at different locations on Sundays (there is a youth group here too), Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday Evenings. Feel free to join us at one of these locations!
  • Fourth,  Jesus has  answered our prayers about the holes that needed to be filled in our systems by providing us with another great worship leader, an awesome visual/media specialist,  a person with administrative gifts, a wonderful sound tech and a teaching pastor! All these were on our wish list that last time we wrote. Is God amazing or what?
  • Fifth, on account of these wonderful provisions , we have been quite comfortable in implementing our next phase strategy leading up to our Grand Opening on 9  /19/10, which is  having regular weekly services the first 3 Sundays of each month. We began this strategy on Easter Sunday.  On the remaining Sundays of each month when we are not having regular services, we will be taking church to the streets by planning fun activities  geared toward meeting and reaching out to those in our surrounding area. Sounds good?

What Still Sucks

While so much great stuff is happening in this casual new NJ church there are some things that still hinder us:

  • One is in the area of our children’s ministry. While we offer three Sunday morning classes (Infants to 2 year olds, 3-4 year olds  and K thru 4th grade) we still need  about 50%  from the outside to help staff those classes on a weekly basis.  So please pray for us  in this area? Or maybe you want to volunteer? Thanks!

Overall, I guess that’s about it for now.  Before we leave, let me just say something to those who may be reading about OC  here for the first time, and are wondering what we’re about.  Quite simply, we are a newly forming church that is made up of imperfect, hungry and broken people who are simply doing their best to love Jesus and help others along the way know Him too.   If you’re on a spiritual journey looking for God and a place where you can come as you are, then this is “it”. There is no need to  hide your scars or act like you’re  “perfect” around us, because we won’t act that way around you. Deal?

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